jeff_google_headshot_selfieI’m a cloud technologist. I focus on data science, data engineering, data analytics, and data visualization in the cloud. I like to think about things like data pipelines, data storage, data lakes, data warehouses, analysis frameworks, and the like.

I started programming professionally with AppleScript, which is probably kind of weird, but it made sense at the time. I went from there to SQL and wrote tons of database code for years. More recently I moved into data science, mostly from the engineering and team leadership angles.

I code as much as I can. I’m a believer in engineering managers who code, and even CTOs who code, because I’ve been doing it that way for a long time. I think it works for me. These days I mostly code in Python, and I’m all about cloud.

I currently work at Google Cloud, in the Office of the CTO.

Of course, the opinions stated here are my own, not those of my company (or previous companies, or other organizations I may be connected to).

You can find me on my personal GitHub, my work GitHubLinkedIn, Quora, and Twitter.